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Taylorsville City Hall

Taylorsville is the county seat of Spencer County, Kentucky.  Long-time residents of the region can often trace their ancestry to the middle 1700's, since many families of current citizens helped to settle the Taylorsville "basin" area.

The region is known for its rural ambiance and wildlife.  Spencer County became the home of beautiful Taylorsville Lake in 1983, the year the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project was completed.  During that year Salt River was funneled into the new impoundment and Taylorsville Lake was formed, a body of water that is 3,050 acres at summer pool.

Spencer County and its scenic lake region is bordered by five other Kentucky counties including Jefferson on the west; Shelby on the north; Bullitt on the southwest; Nelson on the south; and Anderson on the east.  Louisville, Kentucky, the largest city in Kentucky, is located approximately 40 minutes from downtown Taylorsville, and about 45 minutes from Taylorsville Lake State Park.

Taylorsville City Hall AnnexThe City of Taylorsville is a fourth class city with a City Commission form of Government. The municipality provides police and fire protection along with water and sewer services. The City also supplies water to approximately 98% of the county and serves customers in neighboring counties. Main Street renovations have recently enhanced the downtown appearance and the city has increased significantly in size over the last 10-15 years. The City is home to the Kentucky Gourd Show each May.


History of Taylorsville

Taylorsville was created when landowner and gristmill owner Richard Taylor first let it be known in 1799 that he wanted a town to be built on his property. The property, now Taylorsville, is nestled between Salt River and Brashears Creek, a land area that is surrounded on three sides by water.

Trustees were named and they platted the town which was originally a 60-acre plot of ground. However, the first four lots weren't sold until May 21, 1810. George Bourne bought all four lots for $1. Taylorsville's first trustees were George Cravinston, William Bridgewater, Robert Jeffries, Elijah Prewitt and Isaac Ellis.

Taylorsville was named the seat of government for Spencer County on December 30, 1824, by the Kentucky General Assembly. The town was incorporated in 1829.

* Information in this history has been obtained from the "History of Spencer County," a book written by Mary Frances Brown, a native of the county, longtime civic leader and educator. The book is available for reference and enjoyment at the Spencer County Public Library that is located near downtown Taylorsville on Kentucky Highway 155.


Matthew Douglas, Mayor 

The City of Taylorsville holds a meeting on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 5:00 p.m. at the City Hall Annex building.​

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