Taylorsville, KY


The City of Taylorsville operates a General Fund as well as a Water and Sewer Proprietary Fund. 

General Fund - The City of Taylorsville's governmental activities include Police Protection, Fire Protection, Street, Contracted Sanitation and General Government.  Revenues for the City are generated from three main sources: the Insurance Premium Tax, the Occupational License Fee and Property Taxes.  Insurance Premium Revenue has decreased dramatically since 2008, down approximately 50%.  The City contracts with the School System for a school resource officer.

Water and Sewer Enterprise Fund - The City of Taylorsville provides Water Service to approximately 7,000 customers in Spencer County - roughly 98% of the area, plus some customers in Bullitt, Jefferson, Nelson and Shelby County.  Taylorsville purchases water from the Louisville Water Company. The total Fixed Assets for the City is approximately $23,000,000 which is comprised largely of Water Lines and the Sewer system treatment plant, collection line and pump stations.  The principal on long term debt for Water and Sewer projects is approximately $7,000,000.




Ordinance 346 - Budget 14-15.pdf

Ordinanace 356 - Budget Amendment 2014-2015.pdf

Ordinance 359 - Budget 15-16.pdf

Ordinance 366 - Budget Amendment 15-16.pdf

Ordinance 367 - Budgget 16-17.pdf

Ordinance 376 - Budget Amendment 16-17.pdf

Ordinance 377 - Budget 17-18.pdf






Taylorsville 2014 Audit Financial Statement.pdf 

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